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Payroll in Japan 

Monthly salary:
·        Allowances: basic salary, overtime allowance, other allowances (commuting expenses, housing allowance, etc. – non-legal requirement)
·        Deductions: social insurance premiums (health, pension, nursing care and employment insurance), income withholding tax, local inhabitant tax
·        Bonus is not a legal requirement, but many Japanese companies pay bonus twice a year, in summer and winter. Social insurance premiums and income withholding tax are also deducted from bonus payments.
Year-end adjustment: 
·        Employers are required to make any necessary year-end adjustments to ensure that the correct amount of tax has been paid to the authorities for all employees. 

IHRP Payroll Service

Salary calculation requires in-depth knowledge of not only income tax, but also social insurance, labor insurance and labor law. As a bilingual payroll outsourcer and HR consultant, IHRP provides payroll services and solutions compliant with Japanese law to foreign companies located in Japan. With our network of international tax experts, we are able to answer your questions regarding expat income tax and deliver the appropriate payroll solution for your company in compliance with labor and tax law. 

IHRP Payroll Calculation Service

IHRP provides the following payroll calculation services, and can work with you to provide you with the services you need.
1. Monthly salary calculation and statements (Available in English.)
·        Salary statement (Available with breakdown by cost-center)
·        Payslips
·        Direct deposit data (including internet banks)
·        Individual annual pay statements (as required)
·        Retirement benefit tax calculations and payment records (as needed)
·        Breakdown of social insurance contributions by employer and employee (as needed)
2. Bonus calculation
3. Year-end adjustment
4. Annual income withholding tax reports and local tax reports
5. Gross-up calculation for expat employees

English Payroll Calculation Services

We provide payroll related advice to our clients’ local staff as well as communicate directly in English with overseas parent company management.
With our network of CPA professionals specializing in international tax, we can assist you with all your payroll related questions and needs. Contact us for more information on how we can help.



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