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Work Regulations in English

Importance of drawing up Work Regulations

The best way to avoid the increasing number of labor disputes is to put appropriate company policies in place. We help you prepare the rules of employment and policies related to wages, child and family care leave, retirement benefits, travel expenses and other issues important for your company. If your company headquarters already has an Employee Handbook in place, we can help you adapt it to meet Japanese labor laws.

Work Rules

The Labor Standards Law stipulates that the company or organization which continuously employs 10 or more workers must draw up the Work Rules(the Rules of Employment) and submit them to the Director of Labor Standard Inspection Office. The company or organization is also required to make these rules known to the employees. It is, therefore, necessary for employees to draw up them in a language that their employees understand if they do not understand Japanese. 
Mandatory required items in the Work Rules  
1. Working hours:
starting time and finishing time of work
holidays and leaves
changes in shifts (if any)
Relative required items in the Work Rules
(in the event that there are applicable stipulations) 
1. Retirement allowances
              the scope of workers covered
              methods of determination/computation/payment
              the dates for payment
2. Extraordinary wages (bonuses) and minimum wage amount
3. The cost of food, supplies for work, and other such expenses
    which workers bear (if any)
4. Health and safety
5. Vocational training
6. Accident compensation and/or assistance for injury or illness
    outside the course of employment
7. Commendations and/or Sanctions
Procedures of Work Rules 
1. Draw up or revise the Work Rules
2. Ask the opinions of the representative of workers
3. Submit the Work Rules to the Labor Standards Inspection Office.
    Opinion sheet of the representative of workers must be attached.
4. At the same time, make the Work Rules well known to the

Employment Contract

The Labor Standards Act requires an employer to clarify the working conditions to workers when concluding an employment contract. The working conditions of the following items must be made in writing. 

1. The period of labor contract
2. The place of work
3. Content of work
4. Working hours:
starting time and finishing time of work
holidays and leaves
changes in shifts (if any)
5. Wages(excluding extraordinary wages)
methods of determination/computation/payment
the date of cut off and payment
increases in wages
6. Retirement and its procedures (including grounds for dismissal)



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